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 Groupon or Living Social Vouchers

Please read the instructions on this page. 

Do not click on "Redeem Coupon" tab to redeem a Living social of Groupon voucher. Examples below

Thank you.

How to schedule your appointment video. 

Is your Voucher expired? 

Please read our section frequent asked questions (click here) 

Groupon Vouchers: 

Your Groupon voucher number is a 6 numbers code, no letters or dashes, It must look like the picture below. 


Before you start booking you appointment: 

  • Please make sure you read your voucher and know the type of appointment you need. Also make sure you have a voucher number.
  •  For Groupon vouchers: please remember your voucher number has not letters. Example is shown above. 
  • Days and times shown below are the most updated information available, staff in the office are not allowed to do exceptions and we cannot guarantee that some desired days and times will be available. 
  • Please remember: do not to click on "Redeem Package, Gift Certificate or Coupon" tab. Just choose the  appointment you are going to book today and follow the instructions 

Groupon vouchers ( or any other voucher)  are considered as promotion, as the fine print explains,  it cannot be combined with any other promotion. These includes, but not limited to last minute deals, promotions, promotional packages or any discount offered by Wellness and Skincare Clinic. 


 February 1 2017, due to an increased number of clients rescheduling Groupon and Living Social voucher’s appointments month after month, we are limiting to one the number of possible rescheduling events; this measure is out of respect to other Groupon and Living Social customers who are not allowed to book their appointments on those slots. At the end, those slots get empty and we are not able to fill due to short notice.

We appreciate your understanding


Wellness and Skincare Clinic

Need assistance scheduling an appointment for your voucher? please fill out this form 

By filing out this form the system will create a random appointment, you should receive two confirmation emails, one for your appointment and another one for submitting this form. On your appointment's confirmation email, you will have a link where you can choose the day and time for your appointment. It is your responsibility to choose day and time, and complete the intake form. Failing to complete the intake form will cause the therapist to take time out of your appointment to fill your intake form, reducing the time for your service.


 Please have your voucher handy and choose the option on your voucher. If you want to upgrade your voucher please explain in the form below