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Brightening Skin Home Care 

Brightening Skin Home Care 
(Hyper-pigmentation/Dull/Uneven Skin Tones) 

Apply a dab of Salicylic Face & Body Wash to hand, wet sponge or wash cloth. Work up rich foam and cleanse face. Rinse off with cool water. 


Gently massage ResurFACE Crème using circular motions on cleansed skin for 2-3 minutes. Rinse of well with cool water. Use on face, neck, chest and hands. 

Apply a dime-sized drop of Glycolic Gel daily to fingertips and spread evenly onto face. For first two weeks, rinse off after 10-20 minutes. After two weeks, if well tolerated, rinsing off is optional. Always apply in front of a well-lit mirror. 


Apply C-Stem™ to cleansed skin in the morning and at night. 


Apply a sparingly amount of Ultra Benefits® or Vita-C 20 in the morning and Ultra Firming Marine Crème at night. 


Apply Daily Replenishing SPF30 liberally and evenly before sun exposure and reapply as needed, at least once every 2 hours if the skin is exposed to sun or every 40 minutes if swimming or sweating. 
Retinol Drops to brown spots 


Ultra Benefits® Eye to alleviate aging concerns in the eye area O2 Lift Mask for intense hydration and to restore youthful glow while firming skin Vita-C Peptide Spray for toning skin and refreshing