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Living Social, Groupon, Chicken Deal, Amazon Local vouchers  Vouchers FAQ

Recently we were notified that our partner, LivingSocial, sold some vouchers with a wrong expiration day. Although seems that is just a printing issue, If you have one of those vouchers and have a complain or question about it, please contact LivingSocial. 
We have not control over their system. We are only responsible to provide the best service possible according with LivingSocial's policies. 
We appreciate your understanding, and we ask respect to our company and therapists who are not responsible for LivingSocial's small mistake.

Thank you

Wellness and Skincare Team

I am trying to call to schedule an appointment and I keep getting the voicemail 

 In order to offer great promotions, increase efficiency, save time, avoid confusions; and keep confidentiality we don't have receptionists on any of our locations. Instead, we have an online scheduling service. Our online service scheduling system is open 24/7 365 and is updated every few minutes; so you can schedule your appointment any time any day. You can call us if you have a question about your service or if you have a question for any of our therapists; you can leave a message and any of our therapist will be happy to help you. Please be considered of our therapist, they can't schedule appointments by phone and they will be returning calls and answering questions in between appointments, so they may take up to 24 to 48 hours to return your call. We recommend to use our website as most questions can be answered here. 

I would like to schedule an appointment directly with wellness and skincare clinic instead of using a voucher 

We are here to help you. we recommend to click here and check our "last minute deals" or click here to check our promotions, or of you need a gift certificate click here 

Remember we have a year to redeem any gift certificate instead of couple months that most companies offer. 

How Do I schedule an appointment? 

Now that you have a voucher number and need to schedule an appointment click here and it will take you to the scheduling page; or you can schedule your appointment in our appointments section. Please follow the instructions on the scheduling page, or watch the video below 

I want to check availability before I purchase a voucher

It will be normal that you want to check availability before you purchase your voucher; for that reason, we recommend to click here to direct you to our scheduling page. click on the appointment you are interested and a calendar will show you all available days and times. 

I wish to use my voucher for another service

Thank you for your interest in our services, we are in the process to update our system so we can offer more options to your voucher. For now, we can  offer some upgrades, to see what upgrades are available go to the scheduling page and click on the appointment for with your voucher if for and below that tab you will see all the possible updates and add ons. we are adding more and more every day. 

The days and times available are not convenient for me 

Yeah, some times happen. However we recommend you to schedule any appointment, that may work for you, and write a note on the comments section, sometimes we have cancellations and those times may be available. Also you can constantly follow the link on your confirmation email to check if new dates open. 

I have a voucher that is expiring soon and I don't see appointments available before the expiration day.

We know that situation may happen;  but don't worry , we don't look at the day of the service, instead, we look at the day you schedule your appointment. So, you need to schedule your service before your voucher expires, but NOT necessarily you have to book your service before expiration day. 

Can I reschedule an appointment I made with a voucher?

Absolutely, when you booked your appointment you received a confirmation email; on that email, you can find a link that will lead you to your appointment scheduling page. You can make any changes to your appointment on that page. 

February 1 2017, due to an increased number of clients rescheduling Groupon and Living Social  appointments month after month, we are limiting  the number of possible rescheduling events; this measure is out of respect to other Groupon and Living Social customers who are not allowed to book their appointments on those time slots. If you cannot meet the appointment time and you send an email or text letting us know before 24 hours of your appointment, we can create another appointment at a discount price.

We appreciate your understanding


Wellness and Skincare Clinic 

I need a same day appointment 

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee same day appointments. You can check our calendar and plan a different day. 

I bought several vouchers and i need to book more than one at the same time.

Unfortunately we cannot assure you that we will have that option. We have many clients that book with several months in advance.

I missed my appointment and I want to reschedule it. 

Please remember that we have a 24 hours cancellation policy. We have this policy in place out of respect for other clients and our therapist. To check our cancellation policy click here 

I have an expired voucher 

If you have an expired voucher please fill the form below or contact the company who sold you such voucher. To honor your voucher our system will create a code for the amount authorized by the voucher's company; Once generated, this code only can be redeem within 30 days towards any FULL PRICE service. After 30 days this code can not be used and your voucher value lost.

Appointments scheduled with this codes follow 24 hour cancellation policies and  can be rescheduled accordingly. 

To redeem your code follow the link Book your appointment

Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible
Please keep in mind that redeeming process can take up to 48 hours, in some cases, and it is subject to the Vucher's company policies and authorizations.
Also, provided code is only valid for full price appointments only and can not be combined with any other promotion. Finally, please remember that once your code is generated you only have 30 days to redeem it.
Once you have a code you can redeem it by following the link below
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I have a partially redeemed voucher from Groupon/ Living social and the booking period is expired

In the event you have a partially redeemed package and your booking period is expired, you need to request a new voucher code to be used towards a new full price appointment. We will deduct the price of the appointments you have booked and we will issue with the balance in the form of a certificate to be used only for full price appointments. Use the form above to request your voucher

I have question that is not listed here 

no problem send us your question. we will try to answer as soon as possible.

Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible
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