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Galvanic Current

Galvanic current enable the delivery of essential ingredients into the skin for circulation, cleansing, and hydration.

As people have become more concerned with the effects of pollution on the skin, their interest in scientific skin care has been renewed. Due to this new interest on the part of the public, machines have been re-introduced as a new concept in professional skin care treatments.

The Galvanic Current is a constant and direct current ( D.C ) rectified to a safe, low-voltage level. Chemical changes are produced when the current is passed through certain solutions containing acids and salts. Chemical effects are also produced when a galvanic current is passed through the tissues and fluids of the body.

The Galvanic Machine has two important functions during a facial treatment. Its main function is to introduce water soluble products into the skin, This process is called the iontophoresis. When using galvanic current there are two poles, a negative ( - ) and a positive ( + ).

Test for Polarity:

Polarity means having opposite poles in an electic current. Before applying the galvanic current, the esthetician should know which is the positive and the negative pole. Most galvanic machines now have a polarity indicator.

The positive Pole may be used for:

1. To close Follicles ( Pores ) after the facial treatment.

2.To Decrease redness, as in mild acne.

3. To prevent inflammation after comedone and blemish treatment.

4. To Force acid PH solutions, such as astringent, into the skin.

The Negative Pole may be used for:

1. To stimulate the circulation of blood to dry skin.

2. To force disincrustation lotion ( alkaline PH Solution ) in to the skin.

Ionto Rollers:

Another method of ionization is to use a set of metal rollers known as ionto rollers. One rollers is attached to the negative pole and the other to the positive pole. After the cream or lotion has been applied to the skin, the esthetician places the rollers on the skin. When rolling movements is made over the skin, ionization is achieved.

Treatments using galvanic are endless and it leaves the skin refreshed!