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Deep Pore Facial 

This medical grade facial covers the basics of skin care and is a great way to keep your skin healthy and radiant. Also includes full skincare evaluation and routine assessment.
    Salicylic cleanse + gentle brush exfoliation
    Galvanic Treatment
    Steam Aromatherapy
    Hydrafacial deep pore cleanse (include mechanical extractions) or Ultrasonic pore cleanser.  
    Aromatherapy Therapy Mask or corrective treatment

Men's Facial

Specifically formulated for male needs, which are often shaving-related (razor burn), or other conditions like skin sensitivity and dullness. Also targets skin roughened by spending time in the great outdoors, acne, excessive sweating, and skin conditions related to aging. Men may need to schedule a series of facial treatments to see optimal results.

Acne Facial.

Customized cleansing depending skin needs + gentle brush exfoliation
Galvanic Treatment
Steam Aromatherapy
Deep pore cleanse or Ultra- sonic skin deep exfoliation.  
Deep Extractions
Customized Aromatherapy mask
High-Frequency treatment

3o min Facial 30 min Massage.

Express facial and 30 min massage

Express Facial.

Gentle medical grade facial covers the minimal basics of skin care and is a great way to keep your skin healthy and radiant.

Dual Action Microdermabrasion

This microdermabrasion is designed especially for acne skin and consist of two main steps: the first is a microdermabrasion procedure that mechanically exfoliates the outer layer of the skin. The second is a steam based microdermabrasion procedure that denatures accumulated debris from inside the pores and allows its safe removal. A consultation appointment prior to the procedure is highly recommended.


In published clinical studies by leading US doctors hydro facial was shown to yield better results than IPL and other common skin treatments for facial rejuvenation improving the tone and texture of the skin.
Proven efficacy is achieved through hydrofacial four- in-one vortex technology system. Four-in-one vortex technology system employs vortex cleansing, Hydra peel exfoliation, vortex extraction and vortex fusion all in a single treatment. The Hydrofacial procedure is proven effective for all skin types and addresses a multitude of skin concerns the treatment delivers instant lasting results with no downtime or discomfort for clients
 The hydro facial Hydra peel tips unique spiral design and powerful hermetic suction provides unparalleled non-invasive skin resurfacing and temporary pore opening to effectively cleanse exfoliate and extracting impurities evenly without damaging the skin while simultaneously delivering proprietary serums into the skin

Full Session
(1 Hour)

Single Session (30 Min) 


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