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Wellness and Skin Care Products  

Our Mission is to provide a customized skin care system using 100% natural botanicals and the highest technology to deliver remarkable visible results without irritation. Our team understand the ability of the skin to adapt to the environment; and for that reason, they will work with you all year round to identify and asses changes on your skin and help you to show and feel your best skin. The main difference of our guided and customizable skin care is rooted on a minimal irritation principle, where the skin suffers no trauma and can naturally recovers and holds long lasting cosmetic results. For that reason, our team constantly work in the process of designing, investigation, development of new technologies and procedures to help our clients to look their best skin possible.

We continuously strives to help you remain ahead of competition by staying abreast of emerging trends and offering the latest in cutting-edge products for both professionals and at-home use. Daily essentials is our new project that aims to provide a unique product for each individual skin need. With hundreds of organic extracts, and more to come, combined with the latest technologies, customized in-office procedures, and research studies,  Nancy and her team had developed a skin care program unique for each of our clients. 

Your skin appearance  is very important to us and so we only use the highest quality of ingredients, combined with the latest in advanced technologies. The wide range of medical grade products offered by Wellness and skin Care Technologies includes:

  • Anti-Aging
  • Anti-Acne
  • Redness/Sensitivity
  • Rosacea
  • Sun Care

How it works

Customizable Home Care. 4 Easy Steps

Step 1: Get your skin care evaluation. Book you deep pore and Skin Care Evaluation Book Here  or book your Skin Evaluation Book Here
Step 2: Select your product bases (see link below) Not sure which base? ask for a sample pack
Step 3: Add Active Ingredients (See link below)
Consult with your WSCC Skin Care Specialist for your skin care evaluation and the active ingredients list and its use.

Step 4: Add Fragrance.

This step is optional. We offer a wide list of natural fragrances and botanical extracts that not only add an exceptional skin care experience, also add aromatherapy benefits to your skin care program.

We are continuously working to develop new products and adding new ingredients.