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Facials and Skin Treatments 

First time?
We always recommend to book a deep pore facial. 

Deep Pore Facial (60 min) 

This medical grade facial covers the basics of skin care and is a great way to keep your skin healthy and radiant. Also includes full skincare evaluation and routine assessment. 

  • Customized cleansing + gentle brush exfoliation
  • Galvanic Treatment 
  • Steam Aromatherapy
  • Hydrafacial deep pore cleanse (include mechanical extractions) or Ultrasonic Exfoliation and pore detox.   
  • Aromatherapy Therapy Mask or corrective treatment

Mini Facial (15 min)

  • Customized cleanse depending on skin needs  + gentle brush exfoliation 
  • Steam Aromatherapy
  • Leave on treatment 
  • Skin evaluation

Express Facial (30 min)

Gentle medical grade facial covers the minimal basics of skin care and is a great way to keep your skin healthy and radiant.

Hydrodermabrasion facial (30 min)
In published clinical studies, hydrodermabrasion  facial was shown to yield better results than IPL and other common skin treatments for facial rejuvenation improving the tone and texture of the skin.
Such efficacy is achieved through a vortex technology system or system that employs vortex cleansing, extraction, exfoliation and hydration with no irritation in a singe treatment.
 The hydrodermabrasion facial tips unique spiral design and powerful hermetic suction provides unparalleled non-invasive skin resurfacing and temporary pore opening to effectively cleanse exfoliate and extracting impurities evenly without damaging the skin while simultaneously delivering customized serums into the skin
 the Hydrodermabrasion facial procedure is proven effective for all skin types and addresses a multitude of skin concerns and delivers instant lasting results with no downtime or discomfort for clients

Perfect Skin facial 45 min

Men's  Facial (60 min)

Specifically formulated for male needs, which are often shaving-related (razor burn), or other conditions like skin sensitivity and dullness. Also targets skin roughened by spending time in the great outdoors, acne, excessive sweating, and skin conditions related to aging. Men may need to schedule a series of facial treatments to see optimal results.
  • Customized cleansing  depending skin needs + gentle brush exfoliation 
  • Galvanic Treatment 
  • Steam Aromatherapy
  • Hydrafacial deep pore cleanse  or Ultrasonic skin exfoliation pore cleansing
  • Bearded skin treatment
  • Customized Mask
  • Derma-cryotheraphy

Acne Facial 75 min

  • Customized cleansing depending skin needs + gentle brush exfoliation 
  • Galvanic Treatment 
  • Steam Aromatherapy
  • Deep pore cleanse or Ultra- sonic skin deep exfoliation.  
  • Deep Extractions
  • Customized Aromatherapy mask
  • High Frequency treatment
  • Dermo-phototherapy
  • Dermocryotherapy

Deep Pore Facial  

This medical grade facial covers the basics on skin care and is a great way to keep your skin healthy and radiant. Also includes full skincare evaluation and routine assessment. 

  • Customized cleansing + gentle brush exfoliation
  • Galvanic Treatment 
  • Steam Aromatherapy
  • Vacuum deep pore cleanse or Ultra- sonic skin scrubber or mechanical extractions.   
  • Aromatherapy Therapy Mask or corrective treatment
Timeless Rejuvenation Facial (70 min) 

The 7 Solutions:

Customized to meet any skin condition.
  • Lessens appearance of lines and wrinkles; 
  • Shields from environmental toxins, free radicals; 
  • Lessens Progerin, the skin aging protein; 
  • Plumps skin appearance with Hyaluronic boost; 
  • Lessens blackheads, breakouts, and improves pore appearance; 
  • Brightens skin and evens skin tone; 
  • Helps to calm redness and rosacea

Vitamin ampules (choose from Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, Swiss Collagen, and DNA Repair) or Customized peeling

- Treatment includes a combination of: Ultra-sonic skin exfoliation, customized peeling, hydra facial, dermo- phototherapy, mesotherapy, microcurrent or microdermabrasion. 

Hydrolift Facial Treatment

Based on citric enzymes treatment and hydro-dermabrasion technology . Citric enzyme  is a professional solution for sensitive skin, dehydrated skin, mature skin, and skin overexposed to the (summer) sun. Citric Enzyme Treatment is an exceptionally pleasant neutral fruit enzyme treatment that gently provides skin with the exfoliation-boosting effects of pineapple and papaya. Additionally, the extraordinary benefits of Laminara Digitata Algae lavish skin with high concentrations of marine minerals to super hydrate and impart a velvety texture. Gotu Kola provides antioxidant, firming and soothing benefits. After one treatment, feels tightened, pore size is visibly diminished, and texture is firmer and more vibrant

AHA Fruits hydro-wash facial

Our NEW! AHA fruits Wash is an unbuffered wash formulated as a step-up step a skin care program. This wash is a perfect combination to treat acne, skin pigmentation, early wrinkling, and scars.

 Our four in one vertex technology system employs vortex cleansing and exfoliation vortex- extraction and vortex- fusion all in a single treatment.
 This procedure is proven effective for all skin types and addresses a multitude of skin concerns the treatment delivers instant lasting results with no downtime or discomfort for clients.

Microcurrent Cell Activation Treatment: 

This facial designed to activate muscle tissue.  Often called the "Lunchtime Facelift" or "Non-surgical facelift".
Microcurrent Technology utilizes electrical impulses to help increase ATP and collagen production. This enables the tightening and toning of the skin and muscles in the treatment area to provide a youthful and vigorous look.
Series of 6 sessions with intervals of 2 weeks is recommended.
Also available in packages of 6 sessions.

This is an intense and deep treatment, is based on an unbuffered Glycolic Acid, Hyaluronic acid and Phototherapy stimulation. Our Pro-G 40  is an unbuffered wash formulated as a step-up peel suitable for most skin types, but should not be used in sensitive, very dry, or rosacea skins.  This highly effective peel is meant to be performed as a 4-8 series of weekly or every other week procedures.  It will produce visible improvement in skin luminosity, fine lines and superficial wrinkles, uneven skin tone and age spots, as well as acne and acne marks/scars.   
Key Ingredients:    
  • 40% unbuffered Glycolic Acid
  • Hyaluronic Acid 
  • Vitamin E

Microdermabrasion (1 hour )

Microdermabrasion is one of the easiest and most effective anti-aging treatments you can get. Its benefits are many:

 - softens fine lines and wrinkles,

 - Helps to smooth coarsely textured skin.

- Decreases the appearance of scarring. 

- Decreases pore size, and reduces superficial hyper-pigmentation, also known as age spots.

Microdermabrasion also makes it easier for high-tech skin care products to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and help build collagen, which gives skin its youthful appearance.

Common asked questions: 

Which treatment would be best for me, Microdermabrasion or deep pore cleaning?

A/ Depends on what you want to achieve.

Microdermabrasion is focused on exfoliation and helps to improve texture, tone and is considered as a corrective treatment and a second level of skin care. Deep pore facial is a basic first level of skin care and way to keep the skin in better health as it focuses on keep the pores free of toxins and natural debris ,and consequently enhance the skin's function. For a long term treatment, I like to recommend a combination of the two for better results. I consider one complement of the other.

Dual Action Microdermabrasion

This microdermabrasion is designed especially for acne skin and consist of two main steps:

  • The first is a microdermabrasion procedure that mechanically exfoliates the outer layer of the skin.
  • The second is a steam based microdermabrasion procedure that denatures accumulated debris from inside the pores and allows its safe removal.
A consultation appointment prior to the procedure is highly recommended.
Chemical Peels.
we offer a customized line of peelings for each specific skin type. Please check our chemical peels section for information and booking.  

Bio-lift Micro-Current Treatment
This non-surgical facelift works by tightening the facial muscles and toning the skin. Microcurrent technology uses gentle electrical simulation to trigger a chemical reaction at cellular level creating tightening of the muscles, and increases collagen and elastin production. For this treatment to be effective it usually takes 6-12 treatments and can be performed 3 to 7 days apart until desired results are achieved. This treatment includes deep pore facials and can be added to other facials to infuse products or target problem areas.


  • Pacemaker
  • Pregnancy
  • Thrombosis
  • Phlebitis
  • Epilepsy
  • Cancer

Collagen Facial 

As we age, loss of collagen in unavoidable. There are many causes that increase the loss of collagen including some medications, hormones, stress, and many more. Collagen is a molecule highly used all over the body, and for such reason, your body struggles to produce enough collagen to maintain cosmetic appearance. Collagen facial is designed to work by helping replacing lost collagen, which leads to firmer and smoother skin. Since collagen is a very heavy, thick and large molecule is very difficult it is very difficult to be found in cosmetic products, and it is very difficult to be absorbed topically. Many collagen dietary supplements are not enough for skin care due to the high demand of collagen or all organs and tissues in your body. For such reason, our Collagen facial is designed to be absorbed by the use of  Needle-Free Mesotherapy. The technique allows the skin to be ionized; and as consequence, the skin absorbs collagen at its maximum rate.

Hyaluronic Acid Facial

This facial is a combination of two important treatments in skin rejuvenation Hyaluronic acid serum and Needle-free mesotherapy. Such combination is to perfect soothes and hydrate the skin; also is an excellent  treatment to recover from the effects of summer, sun damage, skin dehydration, early wrinkling and Hyaluronic acid deficiency in the cells .

Ultrasonic Facial
Extraordinary, noninvasive, cleaning power that quickly and easily strips away dead cells while loosening and breaking down blackheads and old deposits.
stimulates skin tissue and produce a local warmth that increases circulation, while blasts away the top layer of dead cells. Regular treatment improves collagen production and cellular renewal that leads to a significant reduction of fine lines and wrinkles
Gentler than a microdermabrasion treatment, Ultrasonic waves are ideal for sensitive skin.

This treatment is not recommended for clients wearing pacemakers, diabetic pumps, or any implanted medical device. Also is not recommend for clients using tanning beds or tanning sprays as it may affect the tanning effects.

Available n 30 min sessions or 1hour session

3o min Session

1 Hour Session

Vitamin C Facial.
AHA & BHA and L-Ascorbic Acid, vitamin C, provide maximum antioxidant protection from photodamage and environmental damage, resulting in a lessening in the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and uneven pigment. Vitamin C is a skin brightening and improves radiance and smoothness of the skin. This Facial speeds up cellular turn over creating a brighter and more toned skin complexion.

Corrective Treatments:

LED Light Rejuven

ating Therapy (30 min )


Salicylic cleanse and gentle brush exfoliation

Steam Aromatherapy 

Antioxidant blue tidal Enzyme treatment 

Read more about LED light Rejuvenation 

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